Word of mouth marketing is the oldest form of brand advocacy. People trust their friends more than billboards.

We founded the company on this premise and it remains our mantra today — to disrupt the way in which brands create and communicate with consumers.  

Our Mission

We saw an opportunity to merge art and science to help brands create great content. Where brands could leverage the "gig" economy to create through the use of AI and machine learning.  The result, an industry leading SaaS technology solution that is helping to solve the communication gap between consumers and brands. Whether done through crowd-sourced content for paid channels, influencer marketing or custom content. We can do all of this in context while delivering exceptional results. Here is an example of some recent work. 

By leveraging this unique strategic framework, we were able to overcome many of the challenges often present in influencer marketing. #HASHOFF’s technology proved highly effective in deepening our connection with female consumers and increasing relevance for Lime-A-Rita.