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  • What It’s Like to Work with a Creator on our Influencer Management Platform

    Today, we live in a world populated by life sharers. Technology has granted individuals the capability to share every moment of their lives; the good, the bad and the ugly. Among the large populous of life sharers, a select few are subscribed to by thousands, even millions of individuals. Those select few are social media… Read More

  • The Hashoff Influencer Marketplace Experience

    With technology’s growing importance and ever-changing role, brands must use these newly established channels to create more effective advertising. On a daily basis, audiences view countless blatant advertisements. This has trained them to ignore and avoid advertisement messages. The rise of influencer marketing has been speedy and seen tremendous results. Hashoff’s influencer marketplace supplies brands… Read More

  • Why Hashoff is the Top Influencer and Creator Company

    The Company We launched Hashoff because we recognized social media marketing did not have enough organic brand engagement. In digital advertising, ad blockers and bot-laden advertising campaigns are diluting the brand experience– while forcing brands to spend feverishly in the hope of reaching their core customer.  In social media, personalities with millions of followers are… Read More

  • How to Connect with Influencers

    The first major step in an influencer marketing campaign is to connect with influencers. Finding those influencers can be a tough process, but at Hashoff, our influencer marketing platform makes it easy and seamless to connect with influencers… more on that later. Creators are a kind entrepreneurial bunch. They frequently balance a lot, but will… Read More

  • Influencer Marketing | A Rundown

    The rise of social media has expanded the outlets for companies to effectively advertise. The heightened use of these media channels has created vast amounts of data to be explored and analyzed. With that data, companies can advertise directly to individuals who fit their target audience. But what happens when that audience sees right through… Read More

  • The Hashoff Influencer Marketplace Experience

    The rise of influencer marketing has seen a swift and effective growth. An influencer’s role in their community has proven to be more valuable than the in-authentic influencers of generations past. They bond with their community by sharing stories–the good and the bad–to their attentive followers. Through this route or life sharing, social influencers have… Read More

  • The Value in Social Influencers

    In the beginning, our televisions showed us a world far away. A world of glamorously dressed celebrities, star athletes and handsome politicians. Now, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat show us every moment—the good, the bad and the ugly—of the lives of every person we know and every star we admire.  In the past, celebrities were the… Read More