Since the advent of social media, brand marketers have sought a way to enlist the support of the most valuable consumers, the influencers. These influencers are category experts and trusted sources.  These are the people who make things trend.

We provide a natural way for clients to start conversing with these influencers—to drive a complete range of KPIs and always ROI.

Our trusted, authentic, real people promote brand services in an organic way—and in real time.

The most powerful promotional technique in social media is from a friend to a friend– not via a billboard.

Hashoff allows clients to connect with a class of influencers they have not been able to reach before.

We activate those influencers to promote our marketers services in a natural way that leads to remarkable, earned results.

Our data-driven platform provides unmatched scale– as we can identify an unlimited number of influencers to engage in the moment.