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Creators are authentic.

In social media, word of mouth and peer-to-peer recommendations outperform other modes of advertising--in a world where many ads are blocked and bots roam free.

Brands are ushering in the rise of creators, highly creative individuals with expertise in brand-relevant topics, and a highly engaged audience of between 10,000 and 1,000,000 followers.

The best creators do not endorse. Instead, they weave a product they like into their life story in a highly authentic manner.

Measurement matters.

As content marketing becomes more established, brands must track the impact of investment—not just by follower counts, but on brand lift metrics and, ultimately, on sales.

#HASHOFF Amplified combines the creativity and authenticity of content marketing with the scale and measurement of paid media on Facebook and Instagram—helping brands get the most out of each creator campaign with extensive ROI measurement.

Scalable technology.

Our proprietary algorithms combine keywords, geography, interest and past campaign performance to identify and activate the best creators for each brand at any given moment--delivering unmatched context, authenticity and scale.

We approach content marketing in a different way. It's not about popularity; it's about highly creative, authentic voices. We take an agnostic approach to both platform and creators, which allows us to activate hundreds of programs simultaneously, without fatiguing the creators’ highly engaged communities.

Community and collaboration.

Identify and collaborate with creators real time—in social media where the “now” is most important.

#HASHOFF enables creators and marketers to work together on a global basis, 24/7. Our platform enables great relationships that drive mutual benefit, delivering extraordinary creative, industry-leading engagement.

The network effect.

#HASHOFF deliver 5X industry average engagement rates—the highest in the industry. Why? Our platform facilitates most contextual solution that works time and again—connecting the right brand with the right communities.

We access millions of creators to produce amazing content every day-- for a contextual audience of hundreds of millions.

From our customers

“The missing piece of the content marketing equation has always been measurement. It’s great to see #HASHOFF take a clear leadership position solving this issue with Amplified, helping brands prove the impact and real ROI of content marketing.”

Blaise D’Sylva, VP, Media Dr Pepper Snapple Group

From our creators

“It makes sense for me to stay true to myself and to introduce the product into my real lifestyle. I cherish my audience.”


The Fall 2017 state of the union report.

The industry’s leading white paper on creator and content marketing in social media.

  • Creators value their authenticity
  • Prices for creators are unstable
  • YouTube is growing as an alternative
  • Being a creator is more and more a full time job
  • White-listing is on the rise

The Spring 2017 creator market report.

The Industry’s leading white paper on the power of creator and content marketing.

  • The rise of the creator
  • Original, authentic content is king
  • It’s a Facebook and Instagram world
  • What creators expect of brands
  • Measurement of real ROI is here

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